The studio space provided is designed with flexibility in mind; intended to give artists the opportunity to have their own space in which to create, as well as give newcomers to art a friendly, nurturing environment in which to experiment and be creative.

It is advisable to check our calendar for events, so that you will not be unduly disturbed by classes in progress. Please contact us to prebook studio sessions. We will limit studio sessions to a maximum of 6 artists at a time, and only during Straits Quay opening hours.


Full Studio Membership

RM 600 for 12 months

Includes: Unlimited studio access + on site storage locker.

Part-Time Studio Membership

RM 380 for 6 months

Includes: Unlimited studio access for 6 months + on site storage locker.

Monthly Studio Membership

RM 100 per month

Pre booking required for access to the studio for one month only. Maximum of 3 consecutive months, after which you will be required to 
apply for either Part-Time or Full membership.

Studio Visitor

RM 20 / session ( 3 hours)

Inclusive of a limited stock of art materials to try. Maximum of 3 consecutive visits.
Art kits are also available for purchase. Please enquire. RM 20 / session ( 3 hours)
Facilities includes the use of easels, but does not include art materials. All members will have to provide their own art materials. There will be a limited stock of art materials for Visitors to try, and art materials will also be available to purchase.

Membership Forms are available for download. Please submit your form to us at The ArtESpace, together with your Registration Fee and a photocopy of your I/C or Passport. 

Failure to comply with the regulations of The ArtESpace will result in immediate cancellation of your membership.

Art Kits

Art materials in selected media will be available for newcomers to try out at RM 20 per person.

Individual sets in selected media will also be available for purchase.
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