Penang's Creative Art Club

The Creative Art Club was established in 2007, by Deborah Ayres and Esther Geh, to encourage and promote art in Penang. Our membership now includes locals and expatriates, all of whom are enthusiastic about art. We are a mentoring group, and encourage each other to experiment with a variety of media, including oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel and sculpture. Previously lacking a permanent venue, the art club will now hold its weekly sessions at The ArtESpace.

If you are interested in joining the Creative Art Club, do check our calendar for art club meeting dates and times, as well as our membership options.

We will also be posting information about upcoming events, so keep an eye out for it!
materials for art work


Active Members

Rona Ayres
Eileen Neary
Carolyn Reeves
Cindy Wong
Kin Kahn
Elaine Kennedy
Jane Harrington
Karen England
Daniela Morf
Val Smith
Alison Davies
Kathy Roper
Susan You So Young
Claudia Knecht
Rachel Chand 
Tracy Boyd


Penang's Creative Art Club Membership Fees
Art Club Guest Visitors: RM 20 / session 
(Maximum of 3 consecutive guest visits, after which you will be required to apply for membership) 
Full Art Club Member : RM 240
12 month membership with studio access limited to Art Club meetings and events.
Part-Time Art Club Member : RM 150
(Particularly useful for those living in Penang for 6 months per year or less)
Includes: 6 months membership with studio access limited to Art Club meetings and events.
Facilities includes the use of easels, but does not include art materials. All members will have to provide their own art materials. There will be a limited stock of art materials for Visitors to try, and art materials will also be available to purchase.

Membership Forms are available for download. Please submit your form to us at The ArtESpace, together with your Registration Fee and a photocopy of your I/C or Passport. 

Failure to comply with the regulations of The ArtESpace will result in immediate cancellation of your membership.
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