The ArtESpace is a facility with flexibility in mind, providing a wide range of services for amateur to full time artists. It is a space that can be adapted to the needs and requirements of the individual artist.


For an artist, having a conducive environment in which to create art is essential, but space in Penang is at a premium, and not all artists are blessed with the space to make art in their homes. The ArtESpace will provide a very affordable studio setup, a place artists can come to create at any time.

Check out our list of studio fees & options available
We also offer Walk in Art on Tuesday mornings. 


For any artist with a passion to teach their craft, the studio is also available as a venue for a variety of workshops, focusing on encouraging creativity, as well as improving skills in a variety of media and art forms.

You can see the list of workshops available as well as the workshop schedules on the calendar. Please register for workshops early as places are limited!

If you are an artist and would like to teach at The ArtESpace, do contact us!


If you just want to have fun, the studio will also play host to Art Jams, currently a hugely popular concept in promoting creativity, where groups of friends/colleagues get together to create art and distress! There are no critics, just come with the attitude that all art is good art! We will provide all art materials, you just have to turn up and have fun!

Kids parties are welcome too!

More information is available for art jams/parties.


There will be a mini library of art magazines and art books available for reading at the ArtESpace. We encourage you to come in, put your feet up, and enjoy leafing through our selection of magazines and books!

The ArtESpace is currently only open by appointment only. Please contact us if you'd like to make an appointment or booking.
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