The ArtESpace started with a wish for art to be made accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities. Making art should not be restricted to an exclusive club ( a common misconception), but should be an experience anyone can try, and enjoy.

For an artist, having a conducive environment in which to create art is essential, but space in Penang is at a premium, and not all artists are blessed with the space to make art in their homes. 

The aim of setting up TAES is, therefore, to promote art in the community, and give artists of all calibers and experience an affordable place to create art, gather to share and exchange ideas, techniques and advice; to provide a friendly environment for those new to all things arty to be inspired to be creative; and a venue for artists of all genres to teach.
For those who'd rather read about art than actually make art, do pop in and leaf through our magazines and books. You never know, it might inspire you to try it!

Any funds generated will be channelled back into TAES, to keep it going for everyone, and to improve the facilities in the future.
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